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Projet Tamar

Tamar project presentation

Présentation du projet Tamar
L'autonomiation es femmes

Women's Empowerment Seminar

We believe in empowering women and in this context, a seminar was organised “Spirit of entrepreneurship”, which took place on March 19, 2022 at the Hennessy Park Hotel in Ebène.

March 19,
Inauguration Tamar

Tamar House Inauguration

May 7, 2022

Dear Partners and friends,


   Thank you for your donation to Charis Charitable Foundation throughout the year 2022.

   We were aware of the challenging times however your contribution has been of great help to the foundation

   We started 2022 by providing food to the homeless and we were told that one of the homeless was disabled and needed a wheelchair, which we provided for.

   On the 7th May 2022, our biggest project was finally inaugurated  "Tamar House", place of safety for women and children victims of domestic violence.

   Thanks to you, these victims have a safe place to seek refuge.

   Instead of waiting at the Police Station or trying to find a place to sleep, these victims have been able to sleep and eat in a fearless environment.

   During the temporary 2 weeks stay, these victims have been able to regain their

confidence with our program in place.

   They are also allowed to participate in the daily chores around the house.

   We have also started a vegetable plantation program aiming at being self-sufficient.

   We also have future projects for aqua-ponies.

   We believe that collaborating with other organisation is vital to combat domestic violence. In this context, our staff and volunteers were invited to a seminar by the Rotary Club.

   Furthermore, the Ministry for Gender and Family Welfare in collaboration with the European Union, organised a training for our staff and volunteers.

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