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                         TAMAR HOUSE PROJECT

A place of peace, safety and security in the north of Mauritius for women and children suffering from domestic violence and abuse. We have already secured a place of 1047M2 of land and a house that can cater for women and their children. However, the house needs to be repaired, renovated and refurbished to make it a haven for women of all ages. Together with Mrs. Angeli Fletcher, a professional landscape architect of the PRP Company in England. The house will be known as The TAMAR House of Safety and can comfortably accommodate at this moment in time 12 women and their children. we will provide all necessities for them including psychological, medical and legal assistance. Furthermore, in order to empower, we aim to provide Life skills coaching, adult education, job readiness training programs and employment specialists to assist women in preparing them for entering the work world when they are ready.

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